Saturday, August 27, 2011

He, the one who will complete my future 2 years!

Finally this year....dapat pun kte jumpe G DRAGON kte..
Lucky me, kte pegi India Bulan 10 not sept like anyone else...could it be fate bring us together?
Jangan jeles!!!
Gile la......kalo korg tgk reaction kte time kte dpt tau benda nie...disaster gle
Freaking crazy...this year..kte Akan jump semua J oppa kte.. Junhyung, jang geunseuk and jiyong ( gdragon)
g dragon Pictures, Images and Photos

Korg nk tau tak, dance yg kte nk syafiq bajet poyo nari, dia n copartner dia, TOP yg nyanyi...feel free nk ske dorg tapi ingat GD is mine and I love sharing but in this case A BIG No No!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am under 40...

Tenkiu Ramadan!!!
I lost 3kg without doin anything...

Tapi, something when wrong..
Tak tau nape, tapi mcm lemak kat Bahu yg ilang..
Abis Baju raya.. Tak sesuai dah pakai sb mcm jd besar..
Baru nak glamer2 raya...
Knape la, I always have this problem with my Bahu.

Sbnrnye nak Gtau... Shera...see..I am 38kg now...try to beat that!! Eh, kte main2 je..
Syafiq..kte x gym pun tau, just nari2 tgk Kpop je.. So, tak mesti Nyer someone need to go to gym to get a good body (for a girl). Nari je lagu bubble pop tak pun lagu miss a.. Kali lagu after school red awk tu...tak kemane...

Tapi, lepas raya, mcm naik balik je... So, nak enjoy 4-5 hari ni dulu.. Nak tayang body kat shera..kihkih..
How, did I look like hyuna?? Syg je, Kalo kte tinggi sket...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

No Regrad .....

One full -bubble pop- week!!!
Since the six of us Akan separate this September, so we make a thing.. We wanted a damn good memory that can last for 2 years without seeing each other. So kteorg list down 5 freaking thing yg kteorg really wanted to try and 2 of it must be for our own sake good.then, we got a full whole week to make it happen.
In one week, x sangka I can do the 5 merepek wish..and my friends wishes.
I thought it was merepek, but still I wanted to try..
Hey, I am 20 that the good age to do this merepek2 thing.. And lucky me, I am not attached and so do my friends. I wanted to enjoy my life b4 I am goin to Bollywood.

1- I wanted to try to date a unknown blood b type guy ...
I was seriously merepek je time nie.. Then, shera was like tweet me.. Tomorrow-the garden-have fun. I told you tweet that was a BAD idea.. So, next day, been there- done date- having fun.. But that guy is so handsome.. I'm not into hensem guy...but have fun.. Blood b type is awesome.. Takde Beza pun.. Maybe first time jumpe semua pun bajet je blakon eh.. Shera, next time blood ab and make sure he is not another syafiq friend........... Gossip man blood b type.. Tell ya..

2- second wish... I wanted to make it private... fun....

3 - I want to do masterchef segment among the six of us..
The process was and everything... But the ending was not so nice.....still good memory..
Haahaha...if you guys read this... Well... Confession time... * thanks sham*!!!!!

4- experience thai massage....
Never ever wish for me... Issac said, if you wanna experience having octopus leg...try it..

5- Sabah!!! What is that island name... Lupe lagi..
Yg nie, x buat lagi..after raya maybe..

Owh...gosh...cube bace syafiq punye blog... I twisted my ankle because of him.. Wishes dia mcm swat team. Isaac wish is so nice and cozy. Shera wish, erm... I think people who know her dah boleh agak kot. Farah not fair, she is a prankster.. She make me and isaac cry..but still klaka la ble ingat balik. Alex wishes is American dream style..

Erm... Kte dah puas kot.. So, let's do this thing again on 2014..gosh.. I got goosebumps mase tulis nie. And let's meet my boyfriend and each other partner this 2014.. Janji tau!! ( isacc no excuse and shera, please stick to him ok!)

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox you guys!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I won't go home...'s OUT!!!!!!!!!!
x tau dah brape kali kte tgk mv nie!!!
skenye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

syafiq----- tgk rambut dia.....same kan?? x caye...kte kata rambut awk GD&TOP style!!

OMG!!!! love this video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GD&TOP + kwon twins
this is why i love BIG BANG terutamenye GDRAGON so much... they are fresh, bajet besar and cheeky!!!!

6 again !!

last nite alex is baccckkkkkkkk !!
i'm soo happy that the six of us finally back together...

-- actually i wrote this for all the girl yg love alex but hate me soo much tu... see, i'm not that menyampah rite??

p/s - alex is home, so dah complete member for our lazy song mv parody !!!! keh2!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Digital Letter @natul1210

kte ade kemas bilik aritu...then terjumpe la surat2 time sekolah tu..comel la surat2 tu..siap ade gmbr2 lagi..
so kte kan dah maju.. astro byond hd la, kte bajet wat digital letter..

kte nak luahkan ape yg kte nak gtau kat awk melalui GD EFFECT ~~

1. natul...awk tau tak knape kte ske awk dgn taeyang bukan dgn seungri tu..
g dragon gif Pictures, Images and Photos ring ding dong !!

2. aritu mase kasut submarine awk kena **** tu... mmg pheww ar ..nemsaeng!!

3. awk tau tak, taim awk lalu sblh feno awk camnie...

cube tiru kte dgn otagiri...siap main jual2 kalkulator curi lagi smbil korek2 jerawat berdarah

4 . rindu la time kat kelas, kat meja blkg..gelak dua2 org x kisah org lain...mcm nie kan?

ade makne tau gmbr nie

kte ada wat byk...tapi pic gd kena bandwitch dgn photobucket... kte rase sb kte g save byk gile gmbr dorg!

tu je la stakat nie...x leh la wat benda nie lelama...nak wat benda nie je..kte dah g save 300 pic gd tau...

tapi tgk nie...kte rase lawak gile... khas tok awk!!
Seungri - JEREMY SCOTT Pictures, Images and Photos

ey jap... kte rase yg nie pun klaka
big bang macro Pictures, Images and Photos

alalalalala....rugi la...kte ade wat panjang gile!!! tapi photobucket nie...tinggal 4 je... digital letter kte nak wat beast version!!

nae dongsaeng!!!! reply ok??!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

attention party people..

Mr. Sad Pictures, Images and Photos
korgggg... dah lame kte tak on9...
terasa kuno gile bleh x??

kepada korg2 yg selalu kte jumpe kat subang..
korg... kte nak delete facebook akaun kte la ~~~
bukan kte je tau..
kte, shera, alex, issac and fara..
kteorg nak wat page..tapi the page is quite private..
only the vvip's yg boleh bolos eh?? no godam2 ok...

ape bleh x?
kte terkejot gile mase bukak fb yg dah berabuk tu..
amboi2...korg hebat eh?? mcm2 cerita ade..
the most important thing.. mmg hebat gile..
u guys tahu dgn sape i couple padahal kte sendiri pun x tau kte couple dgn sape..

so, the page will be like...kteorg berlima will share a page..
so, ape2 hal just tanye kat page la..
is simpler for us...not simpler la..kteorg dah tired dah..
people always ask is shera/issac/alex doin now??
padahal u guys boleh tanye sendiri rite kat fb dorg..

lagipun kteorg berlima mmg jenis yg malas nak on9..hehe..
but the on9 king..syafiq..fb dia will still be on ~~

tapi kteorg akan tunggu alex dulu.. maybe next week we will launch our new page!!
but our twitter is still on!!

p/s - not heart feeling ok?? just wanna make things a lil bit simpler!!